One-stop Service for Customer Relationship Management

KongYoung DBM is the first Database Marketing Company in Korea . Since 1994, we've been helping our clients turn their customer data into information-driven marketing strategies to solve business problems and build stronger customer relationships.

Business Area
We help our clients define the marketing plan, then orchestrate the numerous details and the complex procedures required to do the successful direct marketing and database marketing programs.
With our high-tech marketing solutions, you'll find that reaching prospects and customers becomes more effective and efficient.

  1) CRM Application S/W
  Developments Integrated CRM Solution eDBM
  Web CRM Solution MonArch
  Merge/Purge System DB Tuner
  Web Personalization PSV Gather
  E-Mail Marketing System e-Mail Marketer

  2) CRM Consulting / Training
  CRM System Development Strategy
  CRM Marketing Strategy
  Professional Training for CRM Manager

  3) CRM Service
  Data Processing Service
  Campaign Planning and Management
  Promotion execution
  Analytic CRM